Act. Sing. Dance. Repeat.

Act. Sing. Dance. Repeat. is a hub for aspiring and emerging Canadian performers that provides tools and resources to help them start their careers on the right foot. Its principal feature is a program-finding tool where students can select programs from our comprehensive database of post-secondary-level training programs, save them to their profile, and add notes such as application deadlines, opinions and more!

Creative Music in Rehabilitation and Incarceration

This is a collection of videos profiling what creating music in rehabilitation and incarceration looks like with four different musicians across Canada. The musicians reflect on their first steps getting into prisons, some of the ways in which music is made in prisons, self-care when making music in prisons, and what impact creative music practices might have in inmates’ lives both inside and during reintegration.

Sharing Wellness - Art Worksheets from the Health Arts Research Centre

We are very excited to share our easy-to-use and fun art activities with detailed information about supplies, step-by-step instructions and points of discussion. These worksheets provide a wide variety of exercises, including activities for all ages, groups of different sizes and art experience. All of the worksheets has, as their common goal, of talking about and sharing wellness with all those involved. You will find the art worksheets organized by style of art, including: movement, visual art, music, photography or words!

Participatory Creative Music Hub Sector Focus Resources: Creative Music in Education

This is a collection of videos profiling what creating music looks like in five different music programs across Canada. The teachers and students reflect on what role these creative practices might have in disrupting the colonial patterns still often central to institutional music education. Videos capture how they create with improv and warm-up exercises, creative notations and remaking repertoire. Examples include a unit for learning from an elder musician in the community and a new model for secondary education through popular music and sound production are offered.

Everything is Connected: A Landscape of Music Education

Initiated prior to the pandemic in 2019, the study was designed to reflect the ongoing status within provincial education systems. The report is being hailed as a significant expert resource for those who develop educational policy and rebuild consistent and valued music programming into core curriculum.