Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra Education & Outreach

Learning resources, including an extensive library of NSO arrangements, PowerPoint presentations, and classroom activities, are available for free! Resources are matched to NL Department of Education Music Curriculum outcomes.

The Education and Outreach program is a diverse, comprehensive program which brings NSO musicians into schools as well as bringing schools and community groups to concerts and other activities with the NSO.

Symphony Nova Scotia Learn

Interactive and engaging programs for all ages ranges – from Early Learners through Grade 12, as well as for adults.

Early Learners
Introduce your children to classical music with these early learning resources!

Primary to Grade 6
Take the first step or the next step in your music-learning adventure!

Grades 7 to 12
A resource with intermediate and advanced training for you or your child!

Dallas Symphony Orchestra: Resources & Lesson Plans

A large list of lesson plans available to download for free, courtesy of the Dallas Symphony orchestra.  Lesson plans include:

  • Diorama (Peter and the Wolf)
  • Families of Instruments Listening Maps (Young Person's Guide)
  • Introduction to Direct Listening (Brassy Brass)
  • Percussion Signal Challenge (The Beat Goes On)
  • An American in Paris (American Celebration)
  • Meet the Composers Scavenger Hunt (Brassy Brass)
  • ...and more!

MusiCounts Learn

MusiCounts has created a new program to help teachers and parents keep students engaged with music education at home. MusiCounts Learn is a space for teachers and parents to #StayInTune with the latest resources and conversations around music education in Canada. This will help ensure more kids have access to music education, both inside and outside the classroom.