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Avec une volonté partagée de soutenir la création artistique et sa diffusion en lien avec la collectivité, la Municipalité régionale de comté (MRC) de Beauharnois-Salaberry, la MRC du Haut-Saint-Laurent, la MRC du Roussillon, la MRC des Jardins-de-Napierville, la MRC de Vaudreuil-Soulanges*, Culture Montérégie, la Table de concertation régionale de la Montérégie, le ministère des Affaires municipales et de l’Habitation et le Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec (Conseil) ont signé une entente pour soutenir les projets qui impliquent formellement des initiatives


2021 Petrichor International Music Competition

Abstract and Mission


The 2021 Petrichor International Music Competition will mark the first occurrence of this annual music contest, and will provide support, inspiration, and exposure to instrumentalists and singers from around the world. The competition includes four categories:

A) Young Solo Performers (under the age of 21, born after July 1, 1999)

B) Solo Performers (over the age of 21, born before July 1, 1999)

C) Composers (acoustic or electronic works)

D) Ensembles (2 or more performers)


Supporting Arts and Learning in a Time of Crisis: November—December 2020

The overarching purpose of the digital roundtable discussion series were to gain a better
understanding of participants’ experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic and effects of physical
distancing on their work in arts and learning. The first series of digital roundtable discussions took place
in March-April 2020 and a follow up series occurred in May 2020. At that time, arts and learning
stakeholders were adjusting to the early phases of the pandemic characterized by province or city-wide

Shaw Wellness for Students: An Arts-Based Mental Wellness Program

This program uses practices found in the performing arts, and adapts them for students of all ages, to encourage the benefits of health and wellness.  Through the guided video series and Teacher's Guide, students can explore units in Breath Work, Movement, Voice, Rhythm, and Active Listening/Reflection.  Extension activities and Curricular Outcomes (Ontario) are provided with each unit.

Rozsa Foundation Grants

The Rozsa Foundation supports Alberta-based arts charities to undertake initiatives that harness the power of exploration, experimentation, and innovation to move their organizations forward. The Rozsa Foundation offers grants to support planning, capacity building & leadership, internal development, organizational experimentation, and implementation of bold, forward-looking approaches to addressing current & future challenges.


Musicplay Online

MusicplayOnline is a resource for elementary music teachers -- with activities, printables and teacher resources being added weekly! This teaching tool enhances and makes it easier to model for the students how to label beat/rhythm, how to name solfa notes, and to teach them all the elements of music. Musicplay is suitable for a K-6 music specialist (with Orff or Kodaly approaches).

Breezin' Thru Theory

Breezin' Thru® Theory is an engaging and effective way for students in Grades 4-12 to learn music theory.  The music theory program is motivating, and students quickly build mastery as well as self-confidence! Accessed seamlessly online—on any device, anytime, anywhere—it’s fun and interactive.

And it frees up valuable class and marking time, so you can do what you love most – getting students excited about learning music.