ArtsNB - Creation Grant

The Creation program is designed to provide assistance to professional New Brunswick artists for the research, development and execution of original projects in the arts. Creation grants are intended to allow artists to devote some or most of their time to research and creative production.There are three categories under the Creation program:


Ontario Arts Council - Artists in Communities and Schools Projects

The program supports the research, development and realization of community-engaged arts projects. Activities involve professional Ontario artists and community members working together to develop and design a creative experience. These experiences may include co-creation. Skill building is a core component of projects. There are three categories:


Government of PEI - Arts Grants

The mandate of the PEI Arts Grants is to support, assist, encourage and represent the arts community in the province. Funding is available to Prince Edward Island artists through a juried grant application process.

The requirements are different for each  Arts Grant stream. Your application will be reviewed by your peers and funding will be allocated based on the quality of your application. You must complete a separate application for each grant. 

What type of funding is available?

Creation Grant


Nunavut Government Arts Funding Program

Economic Development and Transportation can help artists’ organizations and businesses with the costs of:

  • training, mentoring and workshops
  • Tourism Planning and Coordination
  • exhibition, shows, touring presentations
  • business skills training opportunities
  • community engagement and development

The Community Tourism and Cultural Industries (CTCI) Program can help you with: