Fogarty's Cove Scholarship

THE FOGARTY’S COVE SCHOLARSHIP was established by Ariel Rogers and Mulgrave Road Theatre. It is based on a generous donation from Ariel Rogers of the royalty fees for the use of Stan Rogers’ songs in Mulgrave Road Theatre’s 1991 touring production FROM FOGARTY’S COVE. Due to the generous support from Ariel Rogers, the amount of the scholarship was increased from $200 to $500 in 2004.


Activities 4 Kids! From Culture Days

Draw, paint, craft, read, cook, dance, learn... create! Let your little ones' creativity spark from home with these collection of fun and kid-friendly activities. From digital recordings to livestream events, explore a wide range of Culture Days events from across the country that will help keep the creative spark flowing!


Arts@Home brings Toronto’s arts sector together for you—delivered straight to your home.

Whether your goal is creation, recreation, learning or appreciation, explore and engage with meaningful artistic experiences across many forms of expression.

Arts@Home Founding Members including

Arts Education with Mrs. Armbruster

Website created by curriculum renewal teacher writer Danyelle Armbruster, who is remotely teaching her K-8 arts education classes from Emerald Ridge Elementary School in White City, SK.  The website she has created for her students is rich with video assignments and demonstrations that kids can interact with. 

Her videos demonstrate arts techniques, and she stays connected to the students in a more personal way than if she were relying solely on commercially-produced videos or online materials. Mrs. Armbruster motivates and communicates through video with her students.

Creative Manitoba Professional Mentorship Program (for ages 19-29)

The Professional Mentorship Program runs October 18, 2024 – May 8, 2025.
Open to mentees age 19-29, and professional mentors of any age, who reside in Winnipeg. Mentees approach a professional mentor of their choosing to pair with and they apply together. If you are a mentee who does not have a chosen mentor set up, email the program director by July 15 at for assistance to connect you to possible mentors to apply with.


ArtStarts Creative Spark Vancouver

ArtStarts in Schools is a charitable organization that expands the role of art in education to activate learning and nurture creativity in British Columbia's young people.

Small projects can make a big impact. Emerging artists across all artistic and cultural disciplines living in the City of Vancouver who have an interest in building their careers and working with young people in an arts or culture-based capacity are invited to apply for Creative Spark Vancouver.

If you relate to the statements below, then this grant is for you:


MASC Online Programming

MASC is embarking on a new journey and is pleased to present its new Online Program offered to schools, senior’s venues and communities. Now, more than ever we need access to cultural and artistic experiences to enrich our lives in meaningful ways and incite creativity, while preserving both, health and social distancing. Our new reality demands the adaption and integration of new technologies in the cultural and educational sector, and MASC is excited to contribute to the development of this new field.