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Improving the quality of arts and learning programming through assessment

As another year begins, artists and educators are gearing up for a winter term of facilitating a wide variety of artistic learning and experiential opportunities. Whether it be in schools, arts organizations or community centers, Canadians of all ages and abilities will be exploring the world, and themselves, through arts and learning.

Le manuel d’évaluation est arrivé!

Les artistes et les éducateurs disposent d’un nouvel outil pour déterminer la valeur de leurs programmes artistiques et d’apprentissage

Le Réseau canadien pour les arts et l’apprentissage vient de lancer son manuel d’évaluation, au terme de consultations soutenues auprès des secteurs des arts et de l’éducation, et grâce au soutien de la Fondation Trillium de l’Ontario.

81% of Torontonians see arts education in schools as important

"Torontonians value the role the arts play in the lives of children and youth both in school and community settings. 81% of Torontonians view arts education programs in school as important and 80% see youth/child participation in the arts as important."

This information is from Toronto Arts Stats 2015, a compilation of results from an online survey plus discussions with three neighbourhood-based focus groups conducted by the Toronto Arts Foundation.

Music Education in Ontario Questionnaire

As part of the Wise Voices for Music program, the Coalition for Music Education is conducting research with respect to the state of music education in Ontario. The information gathered in these questionnaires will be used to shape the Coalition’s advocacy efforts and develop province-wide strategies and priorities. The Coalition will be sharing the results with the Ontario Music Educators Association and presenting our findings at a symposium dedicated to the outcomes of the Wise Voices for Music program in the Fall.