CLICK - Contributing to Lives of Inner City Kids

Wednesday, March 30, 2022 - 11:45pm

CLICK’s mission is to engage the community by raising funds for programs that support inner city kids so they can succeed.

Since CLICK was founded in 2004 as a community charitable foundation, we have directed more than half a million dollars to 350 different programs supporting inner city kids in Vancouver. These programs support CLICK’s three main objectives:

  • Provide safety
  • Improve access
  • Build skills

The programs include: out-of-school care; food programs; school trips; leadership and summer camps; literacy programs; and a range of sports, recreational and arts and culture activities.

Is my organization eligible for a grant from CLICK?

  1. Your organization must registered with the Canada Revenue Agency as a charity.
  2. Your organization must directly provide the programming or activities for which a grant is being sought. If your organization is an umbrella organization and the programming or activities will be provided by a different organization, that different organization must apply directly to CLICK.
  3. The programming or activities for which the grant is being sought must benefit children or youth with barriers to success. In addition, the programming or activities must further one or more of the following objectives.
    • Access: The requested funding will contribute to the program or activity being available to and accessible by children or youth. Barriers to access include fees, equipment costs, transportation or other expenses or requirements.
    • Skills: The program or activity offers an opportunity for children or youth to gain skills in areas such as arts, sports, leadership, health, literacy, etc.
    • Safety: The program or activity offers a safe environment for children or youth. For example, after school programs are safe havens.
  4. Your organization must use the grant funds exclusively for program or activity costs and not for regular staff salaries or general overhead expenses such as utilities or rent. Grant funds may typically be applied of expenses such as supplies, food, transportation and instructional costs, provided they directly relate to the program or activity provided.