Indigenous Arts


CLICK - Contributing to Lives of Inner City Kids

CLICK awards grants to organizations providing programs benefitting inner city children and youth in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Since CLICK was founded in 2004 as a community charitable foundation, we have directed more than half a million dollars to 350 different programs supporting inner city kids in Vancouver. These programs support CLICK’s three main objectives:


#DesjardinsFoundation Prizes

The #DesjardinsFoundation prizes, organized by Desjardins Foundation, award financial assistance for projects with a direct impact on kindergarten, elementary and secondary school students.


Organizations will be eligible for the #DesjardinsFoundation prizes if they belong to one of the following categories:


Heidelberg Materials Helps program

Heidelberg Materials North America works diligently to fulfill our vision of Simple Actions Build Strong Communities by supporting initiatives in our local communities and focusing on Arts and Education, Environment, and Health & Well-being. The Heidelberg Materials Helps program was established to form a structured and cohesive platform to drive community engagement across our business lines, while also promoting and supporting employees who donate time and monies to nonprofit, charitable organizations.


Simple Plan Foundation


There is neither a particular form to fill, nor restricting procedure to follow to ask for financial support from the Simple Plan Foundation. Each organization or person is free to explain its objectives and needs in its own way, either by e-mail ( or by letter.


MOA Digital Publications + Sourcebooks

Sourcebooks are produced by MOA staff, students, volunteers, visiting scholars, and community members to reflect their research and personal interests. Each sourcebook focuses on an object, artist, or area of cultural significance, and serves as an important introduction to the work of the Museum and its community partners. Accompanied by text, images, and useful references, these books are invaluable resources for the classroom and the casual reader alike.

ArtsNS - Mi'kmaq Arts Program

The Mi’kmaq Arts Program supports the development and continuation of Mi’kmaq art forms in the territory of Mi’kma’ki (Nova Scotia). Arts Nova Scotia recognizes the specific needs and practices of the Mi’kmaq arts community and acknowledges a new funding program is required. 

Arts Nova Scotia aspires for all Nova Scotians to have opportunities to engage with the art forms that derive from Mi’kmaq language, world views, practices, and protocols.